Our Eggcellent Easter Open Day!

We have been very excited to introduce everyone to our new Lighthouse early learning centre and that’s exactly what we did at our Lighthouse Easter Open Day!


This open day was like no other, with plenty of fun activities that had the children (and parents) smiling all day long.

Upon arrival, a giant Spiderman bouncy castle greeted parents and their little ones outside, commencing the excitement and inviting them for a turn at bouncing! It was clear to see that the children were in for a full day of fun and they hadn’t even stepped inside the centre yet!


After some very Easter bunny-appropriate hopping on the bouncy castle, the children were overwhelmed with all sorts of activities inside. As the schedule had it, the day began with Easter crafts!


The children were able to get in touch with their creative sides as they made gorgeous little Easter cards or adorable pet rocks while their parents looked around our fantastic facilities. The centre boasts three spacious rooms, each abundant with toys, activities, books, learning materials, crafts, and one of our rooms even has a pet budgie! The centre also has three large imagination-provoking outdoor areas containing sandpits, great playgrounds, and water play activities.


Perhaps one of the most exciting and unique activities was the cupcake making. The children had the opportunity to decorate and consume their very own and delicious cupcakes. There’s nothing quite like seeing the enchanted face of a child who has created something that they are proud of, and we were lucky enough to see this expression time and time again at the cupcake table!


In between activities the little ones could get their faces painted, with the most popular request being Easter bunnies! The joy this gave the children was priceless and they gleamed with delight when they looked in the mirror to see a little furry friend on their cheek!


No Easter celebration would be complete without an Easter egg hunt and the children were absolutely eggcellent at finding the Easter eggs! The Easter egg hunt saw the children search high and low as they discovered the Easter eggs. The children then proclaimed their victories as they excitedly showed their newfound chocolate treasures to their parents.


We finished off both our morning and afternoon sessions with a captivating story during story time. The little ones sat intently as one of our wonderful teachers enthusiastically shared a story with the children. This was a lovely way to end the sessions and left the children and parents content and satisfied with the day.


We would like to thank all of you who attended our Easter open day, especially those of you who brought along friends and neighbours, introducing them to Lighthouse. We really appreciate your support and hope you had a wonderful time because we had a great time putting this event on for you all!


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