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On Thursday 11th of February, our Lighthouse little ones were dressed in red and pink as we embarked on a very special Valentines trip to visit Marron Downs rest home. We entered the rest home as a sea of red and pink and handed out our Valentines treats.


The children had prepared delicious cookies with love-hearts drawn on them with red icing. Everyone was licking their lips when these tasty cookies caught their eyes!

Our children also made creative cards by cutting out red and pink love-hearts and using lots of glitter. The cookies and cards paired with the children’s adorable smiles and bubbly personalities stole the hearts of everyone there!


This was a wonderful way of celebrating Valentine’s Day this year for both the children and everyone in the rest home. We know how much our children make us smile and it was lovely to see how contagious their smiles were at Marron Downs rest home smile too.


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