Fee Policy

Our policy is to keep our fee structure affordable while providing quality education and care. Please come and visit us at any time, a printed Fee Structure can be obtained from the office during your visit.

Enrolment Fee 
We do not charge an enrolment fee, however the equivalent of 1 week’s payment is required at the time of enrolment to secure your child’s place.  This will be credited to your account when you start and is not refundable if you decide to withdraw before the start date.

Withdrawal and Enrollment Change Notice 
Two weeks written notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child or reduce your child’s enrolled hours/days at Lighthouse.  This will allow us to plan for our teacher rosters and offer the space to other families.

Sibling Discount
A 10% discount is offered to families with 1 or more children enrolled. The 10% discount will be applied to the second child with the lower weekly fee provided that all due fees have been paid in advance.

Statutory holidays and Absence
Normal fees apply during all statutory holidays, sicknesses or absences. This means the normal weekly fee is payable for 52 weeks of the year.  Children who have attended at the centre more than 6 months are entitled to 2 weeks holiday at a discounted price of 50% of the normal weekly fee.  To qualify, the holiday must be taken a whole week length at a time.

Late Pickup/Early Drop-off
If your child arrives before, or is collected after their scheduled enrollment times, there will be a charge of $5 for every five minutes or part thereof.

One Week Advance Payment, Late Payment Penalty and Debt Collection
All fees are payable one week in advance by each Friday morning, in the form of automatic payment.  A 10% late payment penalty may be added to any account outstanding by more than 1 week.  In addition, failure to keep fees up to date may result in a child’s enrolment being forfeited and the debt being passed onto a debt collection agency, all costs incurred in the recovery of overdue funds including but not limited to debt recover charges and legal fees may be added to the balance of your account.

WINZ Childcare Subsidies
We can help you with WINZ childcare subsidies.  This subsidy is only part payment for fees and parents must meet the balance. Full fees are payable by parents until the centre receives the WINZ subsidy.

Payment Method and Bank Account
With the exception of the initial weekly fee during enrolment, all weekly fees should be paid through online banking into our bank account: James & Clarke Limited, 01-0221-0632554-00. When making a payment, please include the following fields:  Particulars “Fees”, Code “child’s first name”, Reference “Child’s last name”.