In the tender early years of a child’s life, having a good teacher can have a significant impact. At the Lighthouse, we believe that, our teachers are our greatest asset. So what makes a good early childhood teacher:
• First and foremost, they genuinely care about the wellbeing of children.
• They understand children and have vast experience to draw upon.
• They work closely with families and put your concerns and desires as their top priority.

Lighthouse is renowned for its long serving loyal team of staff. Our staff are handpicked for their genuine loving nature for children, their in-depth understanding of early childhood education and their vast experience in the everyday practice.

Our staff are well resourced and supported with a high ratio of staff to children. Our staff are not required to do cleaning/cooking jobs, they will be actively involving, engaging and educating your child at all possible times.

Our staff will make you and your child feel welcomed and at home. Rest assured, each staff member sees your requirement as their top priority and we will work closely with you to achieve the best result for your child.

We invite you to book a tour and meet them in person and feel the difference for yourself today.