Philosophy – Keas (2.5 to 5 years)

Values:  Tuakana-teina, ako, self-help, independence, confidence, school ready.

In Keas we strive to enhance teachable moments by working alongside children and value the partnerships with our parents and whanau.

Kea Kaiako aims to provoke learning and new ideas to children through ‘play’. We believe in the effectiveness of empowerment through play in our natural world. Active exploration increases development, promotes confidence and independence, language, and introduces mathematical concepts. Play offers science and literacy at any time of the day.


At the Lighthouse we follow an Emergent Curriculum when planning learning experiences for the children. In Keas the children’s interests are observed and experiences are provided to extend their learning in those areas of interest.

The children learn through spontaneous and play activities such as painting, water play, carpentry, messy play, play dough, and playing in the outdoor area. Organised learning activities are part of the daily programme and include art, baking, memory games, music and drama, games, puzzles, patterns, and activities to develop fine and gross motor skills. Positive social interactions are encouraged and fostered such as turn taking, sharing and role modelling.

Throughout the day, children are able to choose the experiences they wish to be involved in. We also have set times during the day for structured group experiences.

Ready for School Programme

The Ready for School Programme is an extension programme for four year olds to assist children’s readiness for school. This programme focuses primarily on early literacy and numeracy, including a 15min daily after lunch ‘research time’.  Self help skills are also emphasised so that children are able to be as independent as possible when they start school. The skills include tasks such as tying shoes, dressing, sun-blocking, keeping belongings together, turn taking, listening, following instructions, and personal organisation skills.

Children are involved in individual and group exercises: science experiments, baking, maths concepts; e.g. size, shape, colour etc, recognising numbers/ letters, writing names, memory games, nature hikoi, music & drama, news sharing, fine motor skills and games, puzzles and patterns.

Each child has an exercise book which is used for writing and collation of their learning activities. At the Lighthouse we use learning portfolios to record each child’s learning and development, this is available in both hard copy and securely online through Storypark.


For enrolment information please call Sheree or Lisa on 09 535 3095, or send us an email through the link on the Contact Us page.

Please call in any time or contact us to make a time to visit.