At Lighthouse, “Learning Through Play” is an everyday practice. Children not only have free access to most of the
centre’s resources, they are also invited to participate in the many varied activities that are carefully designed to engage and promote the holistic development of both boys and girls.

Our teachers will be actively involving, engaging and educating children at all times possible. Continuous observation of the children’s interests, strengths and weaknesses is done throughout the day, which then forms the basis for our daily and weekly program planning to extend their learning.

The learning focus behind the various free play and structured activities including Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Social Development, Science, Technology, Arts, Music, Sports, Self-Discipline etc.

Lighthouse is renowned for its close relationship with our parents community.
Parents are encouraged to discuss any findings of their child outside Lighthouse environment at any time and we will provide regular updates of your child’s learning. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best outcome for your child.